Thursday 3 November 2016

Ruby Slippers November 4 2016 7-8 pm

Hey everybody

Over the chocolate hang over from earlier this week? Have dutifully bagged up the remaining stuff and will be leaving it far far out of reach this weekend. Maybe even in another city. 

Working on this week's playlist has been a real pleasure. There are some covers that warm my heart and some little gems winkled out of the big pile of CDs on the dining room table.

Hope you enjoy it!

Purple Speed Queen ... Curved Air
Kindling to Cremation ... The Acorn *
Black Swan ... Astrid's Tea Party
Happiness Is A Warm Gun ... Bend Sinister *
You Told Me Not To Talk To Your Boyfriend ... Sheer Agony *
Come Alive ... Chromeo *
Sunglasses At Night ... DJ Kommandandt vs. Cory Hart *
The Record keeps ... Girls Would Kill *
Lonely Places ... Lighthouse *
Music Is The Victim ... Scissor Sisters
Serve The People (Young Galaxy remix) ... Handsome Furs
Indestructable Sam ... Buck 65 *
Paper Tiger ... Beck
That's All For Everyone ... Tame Impala

Kinda taking a lot of sharp turns with this one!
Thanks for listening


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