Saturday, 7 May 2016

CMW Day Six

Hey everybody!

And now for the weekend...are we tired yet?

If you are up and about, there is stuff during waking hours. The options are: Drake 150, Garrison, handlebar and my personal favorite The Horseshoe with an Aussie BBQ. Starts at 12:30 and includes CKNU, Timberwolf, Dead Love and a boat load of others.


Adelaide hall startes at 8 om M for Montreal and Brooklyn Vegan chowcase with ragers, Dead Obies and others

Cameron House starting at 8 pm Olivia and the Creepy Crawlies * Timberwolf (again) Chris Valen* to end out the night at 1 am. Will be playing something from him in the next few weeks.

Cherry Cola's Rock and Rolla Cabaret starts at 8 pm Moon Tan, Sumo Cyco*, Waxy and others

Drake Underground starts at 7 pm Lara Snow, Kloe, and others

Handlebar starts at 8 pm  Wake Island, Cut Ribbons* (played on the show) Dress Black

The Hideout starts at 8 pm  XPrime (played on the show) and others

Lee's Palace starts at 9 pm  Foreign Diplomats, Dilly Dally** (on the show) and friends.

Opera House  if you win you get in. I can't, my pass is no good Please let me know how Eagles of Death Metal were (also Beaches, Dearly Beloved)

Rivoli starting at 9 pm  Music Nova Scotia showcase includes Beauts, Walrus and others

Silver Dollar starts at 8 pm Pop Montreal showcase Nysa, For Esme, She Devils and others

Smiling Buddha starts at 8 pm city Gates, Hormones, Acid Priest * (might need hearing protection for this one, small venue, big sound)

Supermarket starting at 6 pm Music Ontario Showcase Weird Neighbours, XPrime, Sumo Cyco (see hearing protection recommendation above)

Velvet Underground starting at 9  The Undivided ** The People The Poet and others

See you tomorra.

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