Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Ruby Slippers for July 8 2016

Hey everybody!

The summer of love (and music) (and love of music) continues and with it CIUT!

Included in this week's playlist are two artists performing at "Senseless" an event chock full of art, food and kick ass music. You can be part of it Saturday July 9 from 3 til 11 at the Evergreen Brickworks.

Or you can catch Double Exposure fresh off their tour of the UK at the Supermarket (268 Augusta) 
same day at 8:30.  Here's their cover of Weezer's Buddy Holly

Or there is the ongoing Jazz festival...


To get the weekend started here's the list

Let's Go Crazy ... Prince and the Revolution
Trans Mission ... Random Order *
Things Are Changing ... The Relatives
Eye's Pie ... Devil's Din *
Mean Girl ... The Wave *
Near North ... Black Mastiff *
Lost Cosmonauts ... Mother Leads *
Why Don't You ... Mad Machines *
Whole Lotta Love ... Dread Zeppelin
Supernatural ... Jont and the Infinite Possibility *
Imprint of Pleasure ... Tube & Berger (from Germany  at #Senseless)
I Don't Remember ... David Byrne
Flashbulb Eyes ... Arcade Fire *
Rings ... Frank & Tony (also from #Senseless)


Thanks for listening.



  1. OMG soooo cool to see Random Order in there, CarolB. They're an underrated band, imho. Double ***Experience's*** Buddy Holly cover was great too <3

    1. Hey there, Just saw this! Thanks for listening. it's always wonderful to hear that listeners also support our Canadian bands.