Thursday, 1 December 2016

Ruby Slippers December 2 7-8 pm

Hey everybody

Ho ho ho! it's the run up to the holidays and boy, more than ever gotta find a while to just power down and enjoy some quiet time.

Lots of variety this week including a request from the Goddess Lakshmi (the band, not the deity) so kick back with 'nog or tea or whatever you need and hope you enjoy!

Shanty ... The Bright Light Social Hour
Take Me Out ... Franz Ferdinand
Signed Sealed and Delivered (Stevie Wonder cover) ... Arkells *
King David ... We Are The City *
Under This Mountain ... The Bloody Five *
We Used to Wait ... Arcade Fire *
Mockingbird ... The Goddess Lakshmi *
Moon Gone Down ... Blue Moon Marquee *
Does Anyone Love Me Now ... Blue Roses
Avalanches ... Amity Beach *
White Lights ... Fast Romantics *
Love Is What You Get ... Odds *
This Way ... Jets Overhead *
Distant Dreams ... Blue Foundation

Rather than moan that I don't have enough time let's just say the show will be pulled from this list.
(Grateful for the hour to be with you)

Thanks for listening


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