Thursday, 15 August 2019

Ruby Slippers Radio August 16th 2019 with cohost Greg Clarke ft. Don Stevenson

Hey hey everybody!

Special show this week co hosted by Greg Clarke and ft. Don Stevenson, amazing singer and songwriter and member of the legendary Moby Grape.

This is a suggested list of tracks. Will confirm after the show!

Driven the Train ... Don Stevenson *
Buskin In The Subway ... Don Stevenson *
Urban Angel ... Don Stevenson *
Murder In My Heart for the Judge ...Moby Grape
Night Time Is the Right Time ... Ray Charles
8.05 ... Moby Grape
He Loved You Like He Was Able....Don Stevenson *
Thank You Lord ... Don Stevenson *
I'm Leaving you ... Don Stevenson *

Thanks for listening


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