Thursday, 8 August 2019

Ruby Slippers August 9 2019 7-8 pm

Hey hey everbody!

Ever had one of those weeks? Well, this was one of 'em. I suspect the playlist at least in part is reflective of the last 7 days.

It's very loud and then it isn't and then it is.

Probably because of "Hobbs and Shaw". Yah, let's blame them.


Exterminator Van ... The Mants *
Ravenous ... Piss Poor
Patio Lanterns (cover) ... Moonlight Desires *
Who Needs Ya ... Steppenwolf *
Buskin In The Subway ... Don Stevenson * (on next week's show, fingers crossed0
Meeting of the Minds ... Elektric Mistress * (from Halifax, baby!)
Berliner Grotesk ... Anton Barbeau
Devil On A String ... Robyn Hitchcock
All Along the Watchtower ... Afterhere (a personal favorite of mine, forgive me)
Kettling ... The Black Fever * (newish)
Too High ... The Music
Wasp Knees ... Bad Hoo *
Too Much Tension ... The Mystery Lights (discovered on #NoPants)
School's Out ... Alice Cooper  (well, who doesn't love Alice?)
The Fighter ... Boomvang *
and a little surprise (Woodstock style)

See? It's been a real hum dinger...

Thanks for listening


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