Thursday, 1 August 2019

Ruby Slippers August 2 2019 #Gratitude show

Hey hey everybody.

It's the long weekend, many of us can take a deep breath, maybe sleep in a bit one morning at least and enjoy the sun and fun and all that good stuff. Personally I am pounding back the ice cream.

I have been meaning to do this for a long time so thought this a perfect weekend to do a show to thank those who have supported the station and Cally and me. Put a call out for requests and am pleased to say filled the time easily. Never fear if you didn't participate this time and want to.  I will indeed do another one in the fall. Can't believe 7 years later artists and listeners continue to support this little show and community radio.

So kids, here it is...the #Gratitude show. (Thanks to those who made the requests, in brackets)

Church ... Christian and the Sinners * (Christian D)
Summer Storm ... The Puckhogs * (new) (the band)
Shutdown Corner ... Royal Chant (new, premier I think)
Last night and Bruce ... Greg Clarke * (Greg)
We Appreciate Power (ft Hana) ... Grimes * (Kira)
The Long Shadow ... Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros (Nikki)
Goulais Bay ... Eric and the Soo * (Eric B)
Denim and Plaid ... Provinces  *  (James K)
Be Thankful What You've Got ... William DeVaughn  (Jeanette)
Different Now ... Chastity Belt  (Kayla)
Are 'Friends' Electric ... Tubeway Army and Gary Numan (Michael)
Woods Hag (Modern Life Is Such A Drag) ... Amy Honey * (Paul)
Breathless ... William Prince * (Wendy)
Keep You ... The Black Fever * (Simon)
Devil On A String ... Robyn Hitchcock (anonymous)
Berliner Grotesk ... Anton Barbeau  (just because!)

Thanks for continuing to listen!
Always appreciated, never taken for granted.

*Cancon, baby

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