Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Ruby Slippers Oct. 18 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

I couldn't make a comprehensive list of all the great bands playing this week. You will have to do some homework and try and find them yourselves (total justification for going out every night until Sunday)
There are some real gems in this week's playlist, though, and I will mark them with a star, but there is also some new music that isn't being showcased.  This was a tough week.

Hope you make it out to cheer the bands on!

Hold Me Close...The Heavyset Quartet
Cost of Living...Satellite Hearts *
Never Say Die...Arcane Saints *
Avant Garde China...MIYU *
Drive (Jake Ra remix)...Amir Brandon
iBelieve (Krystle Love remix) Septembryo (sadly, had to cancel)*
Out of Control...Little Creatures *
Nothing Left To Lose...Bed of Stars *
Bring You Down...Mother Leads (new!)
Chotee...Bif Naked
Coffee Stained Pages...Epic Rain *
Go Go Go...The C'mons * (not to be confused with C'mon)
Loner...The Beaches *
Anytime...Roam  (taking out with real style)

If you hear someone you really like, please shoot me an email or comment on this blog.
Will include them in another show.

Thanks for listening, and enjoy the week.

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