Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Ruby Slippers for June 14 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

This is the day (Friday that is) that the Bloody Five land on CIUT for the show.

They came armed with their own favorite tracks, as well as samples of the new Bloody Five album "Unreleased 2012". There is lots to talk about, questions as yet unanswered, and much much more.

Yer Spring...Hey Rosetta!  (Raw Beats' pick)
Release...The Bloody Five
After You...The Bloody Five
Things I Do For Money...The Northern Pikes  (KD's pick)
Blasphemous Rumours... Depeche Mode (Tomi Fear's pick)
(I Wanna Go To)New York City (Demics' cover)...The Bloody Five
Tormentor...Skinny Puppy (Jay's pick)
Sanctified...Nine Inch Nails  (my pick, just went really well with SP
Love Is The Drug...Roxy Music (KD's pick)

I Remember You...Sebastian Bach and friends (but we didn't get all the way through)(I PROMISE to play the whole thing for Jay to start next week's show)

This is the final playlist, with lots of talk in between.
You can catch this show on posted in archive starting on Monday.

And look up the Youtube video of The Bloody Five's Just Joking with Snow White/Sleeping Beauty.

To catch up with this amazing band go to their website
as well as their Twitter feed, Myspace, Facebook and at least the first four pages of Google under Bloody Five!  Such great guests.

Thanks for listening.

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