Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Indie Week Ho!

Hey Everybody,

The playlist is going to be more difficult this week, due to the fact that it's Indie Week in the city and I am trying to jam in a cross section of tracks from artists at the event. It's really like trying to pick a favorite child... Anyway, my apologies to those who have been left out, as there are so few minutes in the show. Going forward, though, there will be loads more opportunities to fly the Indie flag on this and other shows at CIUT.

The list isn't even close to finished at this point in the day, but here is the first look at Indie Week.

Today Wednesday Oct. 16 is the day of the Launch at the Hideout (484 Queen West in TO)
It starts at 8 pm, included short sets from bands Canada wide and something new from Tokyo!

Also, today the Rivoli is hosting an interesting collection of bands including New City Kings from the UK and Party Cat plus many more.  An easier day for festival goers as there aren't as many heartbreaking decisions to make.  Enjoy!

Tomorrow is another story.
The Monarch Pub has an early set, starting at 5:30 and including a band from Tokyo, MIYU. Interesting stories about this band, do a little digging. Ought to be a memorable night.

The Hideout has Little Creatures (TO) and Satellite Hearts from Philadelphia.

Free Times Cafe starts off with one of my favorite performers, Maneli Jamal, and is followed by
among others, Epic Rain from Iceland, and Food Water Shelter.

Bovine! Sumo Cyco! Say no more!

The Brooklynn brings Royal Creatures , Jon Travis and the Electric Trains and a host of others

Cherry Cola features, among others, Romeo Liquor Store and Arcane Saints.

The Silver Dollar  includes the C'mons as part of a full lineup

The Velvet Underground keeps it hea-vy with Asleep Behind the Flame

The Cage 292 is full to overflowing with bands including Bloody 5, This is War, and Second Pass, solid rock lineup

And Underground Garage hosts the Alberta Showcase but also includes a few TO bands (Lipstick Junkies)

This is rather random of course, and really just the tip of the iceberg. (see previous comment about picking a favorite child)

For a complete schedule please go to

Be back later with the playlist.

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