Friday 28 May 2021

Ruby Slippers Radio May 28 2021 7-8 pm


Hey hey everybody!

Here we are again with a lot of twists and turns. Never gets old, right? Of course not!

Louder than Hell .... MONO Inc (you can see how this is going)

Via Maris ... Ancient Relic *

Fire ... Ravenscode *

2020 (in German) ... Sebel (Melanie's pick)

Tanz (also in German) ... Sebel

Those Summer Days ... Howard Lee Naylor *

Willow ... Loyal Sun Dogs *

How Sweet ... Foreign Diplomats *

Serpent Nile ... (with intro by Anne) Dream Aria *

Gratification ... Paul Manchin 

Sometimes in September ... Cameron and Crawford *

Shake the Hand ... Lee Harvey Osmond (Tom Wilson) *

Obliterated ... Jane Inc *

Tubular Bells ... Book of Love

Yunalesca ... No Hope for the Lost (extro)*

Thanks for listening.

Stay safe 


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