Thursday, 13 May 2021

Ruby Slippers Radio May 14 2021 Membership time! 7-8 pm


 Hey hey everybody

Here is the playlist for the show.

If you can donate to the station at this time, thank you so much! But please remember that without you listening, we would not be here. We never take that for granted.

Think It Over ... MammothWVH

The Vanishing of Bees ... Kele Fleming *

Drive ... TC Folkpunk *

6 Feet ... Moore Avenue Underground *

Move It On Ouevre ... Bumblebats * (and Eric Alper!)

Listen to the Sound of the Sun ... Stephen Hamm *

Over The Moon (Flock of Seagulls remix) ... Robert Calvert

I Am The Dance Floor ... Art D'Ecco *

World's A Bitch ... Church of Trees ft. Carole Pope *

She Drives Me Crazy ... Fine Young Cannibals

Overdue ... Ethan Flynn *

Dynamo ... ALPHAS

We Appreciate Power (extro) ... Grimes *

Thanks to Alex, Melanie, Talia, Greg, Kele, Ethan, Josh, Carole, Eric, and all the lovely people whose sound bites will be heard in the upcoming weeks.

We are forever community!

Stay safe and thanks for listening.


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