Friday 27 March 2020

Ruby Slippers (repeat of October 18 2019) 7-8 pm

Hey kids!

Hope you are all hanging in there. Please stay safe and maintain social distancing. Hand washing honestly goes without saying too!

This week is another repeat presentation as I only got the new show ready at the last minute and the station has its hands full keeping content on the air. It would have been unreasonable to suddenly change my show this close to air time.

So...stay tuned for the first Ruby Slippers from the dining room here at the old hacienda next week.
In the meantime, this playlist was one of my favorites from last fall. Please note:

Next week is not Halloween. There will be no Spooktacular show.
The ticket giveaway is long over. If you contact me by email I will however respond to you personally.

The email address is

Here goes

Swing Shift ... Nash the Slash *
Copy of A ... Nine Inch Nails (you just knew I could not get through this pandemic with NIN)
Eaten by a Bear ... deBra 666 *
I Krill You ... Helado Negro
Follow Me ... Dream Aria *
Dreams ... Tombstones In Their Eyes
The Moment We Were Exploding ... Atlas: Empire
Hope ... Pedro Costa *
Syrup and Honey ... Duffy
Saint Nothing ... Qristina and Quinne Bachand *
FU Blues ...CATL *
Donkey Day ... Friendly Rich *

Thanks for listening. Again, please be safe and always be kind.


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