Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Ruby Slippers March 6 2020 7-8 pm

Hey hey everybody,

It's the start of another month (and daylight savings time, yikes).

Like the change of seasons the playlist starts as really hard hitting and then mellows out. Sort of.

See for yourself!

Black Hearted Love ... PJ Harvey and John Parish
Summertime ... The Head and the Heart
Mod Lang ... Big Star
I'm In Love With The System ... Forgotten Rebels *
Surfin' Bird ... Ramones
Calming Collection ... The Flatliners *
Roller Girls ... The Soviettes
Fair Weather ... Howl *
The Pusher ... Steppenwolf * (it's been in my head all week, hoping to exorcise it by playing it)
Hush ... Hermitess *
Snow and Jazz Music ... Hexes and Ohs *
We Could Be Here ... The Hollow Threads
Firefly Beacons ... Foxfire Forest*
The Sky Is Falling ... Flawed Arthur *
A Million Dead End Jobs ... FemBots *
Remember A Day ... Pink Floyd
We Are Not Alone ... Hollowphonic *

Thanks for listening


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