Wednesday 24 June 2015

Ruby Slippers June 26 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!


It's been a run of warmer brighter and more inspiring weather of late and the playlist seems to embrace some of that summer feel. After all we are now past Solstice (did anyone do something interesting for that?) and officially into the season.

Kick back, relax and enjoy

Myth ... Beach House
Strings ... A.C. Newman *
Your Breath ... Analog Angel
Yes, I Call ... Mean Red Spiders *
What Love ... Jagwar Ma
Ariella ... League of Wolves *
Failure ... Pluto *
What Lies Ahead ... Young Novelists *
Dude You Feel Electric ... Shout Out Out Out Out *
Interstate ... Within Rust *
Shock Rock City ... Keychain * (finally got this one in)
Welcome To Japan ... The Strokes
PL ... Mean Red Spiders (double the pleasure!) *
Lampshades on Fire ... Modest Mouse
All For Love ... SheLoom *

There you have it! See you next Month! 
And thanks for listening.


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