Tuesday 16 June 2015

NXNE Day One June 17

Hey everybody!

Just when your head is about to explode over the PanAm games, NXNE gallops into town and saves the day.
Oodles of great music throughout the festival, and anywhere you land will be wonderful.

These are a few suggestions, though, based on personal bias and my trusty dart board.

Bovine Sex Club ... The Ballantynes,(favoured by Nikki Is) Mad Ones, Texas Kings

The Cameron ... Glad to see this band back again: LuxDeluxe, Giant Hand and friends

Coalition ... Chagall (mind melting music), Bike Thiefs

Drake Underground *** DIANA, Prince Innocence and others

The Horseshoe ... Girlfriends and Boyfriends, MoonKing

MOD Club *** Tasseomancy (formerly Ghost Bees) et al

Silver Dollar ... Milo McMahon, The Corsets, White Cowbell Oklahoma (!)

Check the complete listings on the schedule at the NXNE website.

See you with Thursday's picks tomorrow!

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