Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Ruby Slippers January 9 /15 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

Good Lord, it's cold. Frostbite nipping at your nose. Times like this I wish I had taught the dog how to use the bathroom for reals.
Well, if it can't be hot outside, it can indoors and that's what music is all about.
I may never leave this place again...until the spring thaw that is.

Surrender ... The Smith Street Band (bio sez "into mock meat and alcohol". Hmmm)
Outlaw ... War
Oh Yeah ... Foxygen
Tainted Love ... My Brightest Diamond (fun cover)
Mirror ... Strawman  * (from Toronto)
Queens Will Play ... Black Mountain *
Punk Mountain ... Prince Ness *
50/50 Chance ... Pink Noise *
Such A Fool ... 22-20s
Twin Mirror ... Zoo Owl *
Make Me A Mirror ... Ark Analog * (am I greedy wanting these guys to do more?)
Upgrade ... Swim Good * (but not in this weather, no polar bears here)
Hymns ... Planet Creature *
Bitch ... The Vaselines (think we had a bitch last week too)
I Don't Wanna Grow Up ... Tom Waits (all in favour)

Put another layer on, everybody!

And as always thanks for listening

*Cancon Strong and Free!

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