Wednesday 21 January 2015

Ruby Slippers January 23 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Ola! Let's think spring, OK? Yes, I know that anyone reading this from the Wild West, East Coast and particularily North of here are rolling your eyes. Don't know why this is a tough year for yours truly. Just know that without a lot of music, the month would be unending.

So here goes another boost to the immune system.

Fiery Sweet Thing ... Wildheart *
I'm Not Talking ... The Yardbirds
M.M.M. ... Say Yes *
Yound ... Chevalier Avant Garde * (finally made the list for reals)
Half of Something Else ... The Airborne Toxic Event (same deal)
Go Away ... Strawberry Switchblade (this is a lovely song)
Smoke & Mirrors ... Agnes Obel
You Can't Go Back... Royal Wood *
Mad World ... Gary Jules (have played before but goes so well with Smoke & Mirrors)
Life on Earth ... Mary Caroline * (new...from NWT, recorded in Hamilton)
Oh Come On ... The Julie Ruin (can't mistake Kathleen Hanna's voice)
Lost ... Deadset * (new...Thanks for sharing this!)
Rather Be a Zombie ... The Dollyrots (I'm a sucker for this band and the Dollytot)
Think Again ... Minor Threat
Well They're Gone ... Dandy Warhols
Not If You're The Last Dandy on Earth ... Brian Jonestown Massacre (inspired by movie Dig!)
Shine Of Her Moon ... Basement Arms *

Won't make the whole list. But it's good to dream, right?

Stay warm, thanks for listening and see you soon.

*Cancon, of course

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