Wednesday 18 June 2014

Ruby Slippers for June 20/14 NXNE

Hey Everybody,

Here it is, the heart of the festival known as NXNE. Got a chance to preview some of the amazing music last Saturday but tonight there's even more and a good whack of it Canadian.

So, get comfortable, grab a drink and snacks, and let's get going!

What you Need ... LuxDeluxe
Sticks and Stones ... Crystal Stilts
All The Pretty Girls Go To The City ... Spoon
Knives ... The Box Tiger *
New Victims ... Ketamines *
Stop Drop and Roll ... Drugs In Japan *
Don't You Dare ... Big Name Actors *
Double Trouble ... Mexican Slang *
See The light ... Walking Motionless *
Drunk Teenagers ... Joel Plaskett Emergency *
This Wild Heart ... The Nursery *
Man From Japan ... Mimico *
Is You Sufferin' ... Skinny Bitches *
Gremlins Crawl ... Shannon and the Clams
Rescue ... Mama Kin
She Goes Riding... Freeman Dre and the Kitchen Party *
Not The Same ... Hands and Teeth *
Walk Into The Sea ... (Message to Bear Remix)... Slow Down, Molasses * (only got to part of it, sorry)

AND if that isn't enough...more tomorrow at 5 with a NXNE fill in show right here on CIUT!

Be safe, have fun and as always, thanks for listening.

*Cancon goodness

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