Tuesday 17 June 2014

NNE in Progress Part One

Hey everybody,

Although technically, NXNE started a few ago, there were a reasonable number of events and artists from which to chose. If you are a diehard festival goer, it was not impossible to float about and see what there was to see, hear what there was to hear.

As of Wednesday, though, it gets hard.

So here are my picks for things to consider. As I always sa, all choices are sound ones. 
Read the list, mull it over, and go your own way.

The Cameron ...Painted Saints, Amity Beach and others. Depends on how late you stay out on a school                             night
The Garrison... Thoughts on Air, Thus Owls (Montreal is well represented this festival)
The Hideout... Go for the Eyes, Big Name Actors (will be playing them on the show)
The Horsehoe ...Mutual Benefit, LOW (midnite to 1 am...hard time for a Wednesday)(dammit)
The Rivoli ... Bugs In The Dark, Amos The Transparent, Royal Tusk and friends
Wrongbar...  Mysteries, Parallals, Foxtrott and others.  Solid show

And who doesn't love a secret show? That would be The Tattoo at 1 am.  

Tomorrow is another day. More completely unbiased suggestions for you listening pleasure.

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