Friday 25 November 2022

Ruby Slippers Radio Nov 25 2022 7-8 pm


 Hey hey everybody

Thanks for the support last week. 

Loved hearing from folks during the time slot and of course everyone online.

If you still wish to donate to the station on behalf of the show just go to and click on the donate button. All funds go to the station to keep the transmitter and all the equipment in tip top shape.

Here's this week's list ('s a bit out there)

You Broke the Sun ... Paul McEwan *

Mouth Poisons ... Traitrs *

Every Day A Fresh Atrocity ... Candy Coffins

Dual ... Jordan Armstrong *

Stay (ft. JID) ... Little Dragon

Whaddaya Say ft. Dominique Xavier ... Numb Tongues *

Novacaine ...Neon Bloom *

Vagabond ... 5th PROJEKT *

We Had Time ... Marc Apollonio *

Gonna Do It ... Leaflet

Revenge for Nerds ... Vast Robot Armies *

Heave Is All Around ... Las Venus Electric *

Savage Love ... Moves After Midnight *

End of Story ... Real Life *

If The World Doesn't End First ... Frenchy and the Punk

Thanks for listening

See y'all next week

Stay safe


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