Thursday, 14 July 2022

Ruby Slippers Radio on CIUT July 15 2022 7-8 pm

 Hey hey everybody

Here is the playlist for this week.

Warning you right now, it is kinda eclectic (I mean more than usual)

Gotta stretch a bit, right?

The Only One I Know ... The Charlatans

Too Close To The Sun ... The Sea At Midnight

Fleur du Mal ... FHANG *

Daydream ... The Roogs

Another Day ... Tombstones In Their Eyes

Planet Pisces ... The Occult *

Silent Love ... The Ember Glows *

Here 4 You ... Earth's Yellow Sun *

Memory Serves ... Chad Hardcastle *

Gratitude ... Silent Cure *

Lord's Test ... The Henrys*

Ice Age (remix Deadmaus) ... How to Destroy Angels *

Thx for listening

Stay safe


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I would love to hear from you

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