Thursday, 21 April 2022

Ruby Slippers Radio April 22 2022 7-8 pm

 Hey hey everybody.

First of all, sorry for forgetting to post last week's playlist until Saturday. Oops. 

Let's just chalk it up to COVID brain. It has been posted now for anyone looking for it while listening to that show in archive or on Mixcloud.

So here is this week's offering. Oodles of new stuff.

It's Getting Late ... Paul McEwan *

Bright Black ... London Plane

Relentless ... PUP *

No More Mr. Nice Guy ... Udo Lindenberg with Alice Cooper (Melanie's pick of the week)

Watcher In The Sky ... Ghost

Alchemy ... Caveat *

Face With Grey Eyes ... Strange Advance * 

Lonely Fans ... Common Deer *

Way Down ... Dear Rouge *

Be By Your Side ... Pillow Queens *

The Wheel ... Black Rose Burning

Hannah ... Parabola West

When The World Comes Apart ... Gary Numan

That's it for now!

 Please consider what you would like to listen to for the upcoming membership drive show in May and send an email to

Stay safe and thanks for listening



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