Thursday 24 March 2022

Ruby Slippers Radio Mar 25 2022 7-8 pm

 Hey hey everybody!

Here is this week's list. 

I am sorry I couldn't fulfill the second half of last week's request but will try and make it up to the listener next week.


The High Priest ... Woodhawk *

Past Crimes ... Dali Van Gogh *

A Million Miles Away ... Arrows to Fire

Tainted Love ... Ava Vox

Dance With Me ... e *

Don't Point Your Finger at the Guitar Man ... Nine Below Zero

(Interview Part 1 with Dennis Greaves and Melanie Poel)

Egg on My Face ... Nine Below Zero

(Interview Part 2 with Dennis Greaves and Melanie Poel)

Ter Wit Ter Woo ... Nine Below Zero

A Bullet in Tomorrow ... Neon Bloom *

Miracle (Miracle of Love) ... Benjamin Russell *

Fall Apart ... Jeremy Voltz * 

The Night The Carousel Burned Down ... Kasim Sultan

Never O'Clock (extro) ... KEELEY 

Thanks for listening

Stay safe


The link for the CIMVA is here:

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