Thursday 8 October 2020

Ruby Slippers Radio October 9 (Thanksgiving) 2020 7-8 pm


 Hey hey everybody.

Happy Thanksgiving. I know it will look much different than it normally does but in the spirit of the occasion, here is a playlist with a lot of brand new music and a special treat from two music enthusiasts.


The Art of Parties ... Japan

Touching Glass ... Teenanger *

Slab Architecture ... Marmalade Duplex *

Watershed ... Giant Rooks (from Germany-Melanie's pick)

Stars and Moons ... Dizzy (from Toronto- Peter's pick)

Ice On My Blood ... Pekoe Cat *

A Cure ... Blonde Redhead (reissue)

St. Charles ... Throwing Muses

Approaching Storm ... the Roogs

I Want to Live ... Carole Pope *

Leather Together ... The Lemon Twigs

I Don't Know What I Don't Know ... Will Butler *

Slow Burn ... Jenny Mayhem *

New Compass ... Josh Werner *

Framed By The Comet's Tail ... Metz*

Stay safe. See you next week.

Thanks for listening.


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