Thursday 17 October 2019

Ruby Slippers Oct. 18 2019 7-8 pm

Hey hey everybody,

It's the week before the Spooktacular show (never gets old, am I right?) and there is a ton of music to jam in this week. So let's dispense with the chit chat and get to it, 'k?

Swing Shift ... Nash the Slash * (man, I miss this guy)
Copy of A ... Nine Inch Nails
Eaten By A Bear ... deBra 666 *
I Krill You ... Helado Negro
Follow Me ... Dream Aria *
Dreams (alt version) ... Tombstones In Their Eyes
The Moment We Were Exploding ... Atlas: Empire
Hope ... Pedro Costa *
Syrup and Honey ... Duffy
Saint Nothing ... Qristina and Quinn Bachand*
FU Blues ... CATL *
Donkey Day ... Friendly Rich * (ticket giveaway!!! Stay tuned)

Well there it is. Can't say I didn't mix it up this week.

Thanks for listening


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