Thursday 20 April 2017

Ruby Slippers CMW 2017 April 21 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

As promised here is yet another playlist centred on CMW 2017. There have been so many interesting entries into this year's festival, expect to see them pop up during the next few weeks. CMW is like a shot in the arm to seek out new music long past the actual event.


Born Yesterday ... Hollerado *
Blackout Beach ... All Hands on Jane *
Four Steps Down ... Hiroshima Hearts *
Eleanor Goulding's Baby ... Left By Snakes (from Stayner) *
Star Machine ... Bob Mould
Heart Shaped Box ... Beliefs * (yes, I know I have played this before. Just love it)
World Gong Crazy .. Han Han x Datu xHataw *
Home is Where ... Caveboy *
Becoming Insane ... Infected Mushroom
Bum Me Out ... Goodbye Honolulu *
Honest Lies ... Messenger Birds
She Walks At Night ... King Creep *
Try Try Again ... The Rising Few *
Dissonance ... Owen Meany's Batting Stance *
No Wrenching of Guts This Time ... Seazoo (Wales)
California Dreamer ... Wolf Parade *
Twin Mirror ... Zoo Owl *
Consent ... Vallens *

Wow. I have no words.

Thanks for listening.



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