Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Ruby Slippers October 30 Spooktacular! 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

This is it, the one you've been waiting for.

Ruby Slippers is carrying on the time honoured tradition of Electric Boogaloo's annual SPOOKTACULAR show for Halloween.

Gotta tell you, there is enough music for this show on the computer to fill another hard drive (yes, I have a problem) but this is the list I came up with.  Apologies to Warren Zevon. And Ghostbees.

When Time Will Slow Down ... Mother Leads * (new)
Awhoooooo...The Lad Mags *
Old Ghosts ... Jethro Tull (only wish they were Canadian)
Witch Convention ... david contin *
Strange Brew ... Cream
I Put A Spell On You ... Screamin' Jay Hawkins (how could I not?)
Cemetary ... Headstones *
Sick Of This Shit ... Evil Elvis *
Devil Inside ... INX
The Afterlife ... YACHT
Haunted BBQ ... Bat's Pajamas *
Horror Beyond Imagination ... Double Experience *
Ghosts of Love ... Jay Holy *
Spooky ... Vampire Bats *
Monsters ... Forest City Lovers *
The Accused ... Autumn Still * (new)
Monster Mash ... Boris Pickett et al (of course)

Yes, I know it's ambitious. Yes I know it's too long. Maybe Stylistics will be late...

Thanks for listening and remember: be safe out there.


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