Wednesday 6 May 2015

Ruby Slippers CMW Part 2 May 8 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

This is the final weekend of CMW and there's still loads to do and see. Can't possibly list or play every band in the festival but this is a sampling of what's been and is yet to be.

Get out there, support your local talent, be an ambassador for those who have come from all over the globe to play in our city! And have a beer for me!

Get Lucky (Daft Punk remix) .... Mercurius FM (DJ, producer)
Supernatural ... Roboteyes *
Pile of Gold ... The Blow
My Love, My Sea ... The Black Fever *
Mind Your Manors ... The Bandicoots *
Hideout High ... Flying Museum Band *
Honestly (Say Something) ... The Deadset *
All Debit no Credit ... The Brood *
Strange Dreams ... Lost Cousins *
Oncoming Clouds ... Tom West (Australia)
Paper Planes ... Lost In Film *
The Sound of Settling ... Death Cab For Cutie
Burnin' and Lootin' ... The Johnny Red Eyes *
Those Who Fought ... The Bends *
Loaded Gun ... Gloryhound *
Count Your Bruises ... the Flatliners *

A big thanks to those who supported CIUT and this show during the last membership drive.
If you missed it, you can still donate by going to the website to be eligible for the mountains of free prizes.
(Tell em Ruby Slippers sent ya.)

And as always, thanks for listening.


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