Wednesday 11 March 2015

Ruby Slippers for Friday March the 13th (spooky scary) 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!!!

Another month, another Friday the 13th! Wow! Some sort of strange cosmic force in action there.
But never fear! Ruby Red is here with a boat load of music. Grab your paddles, maties, we are heading off on an adventure! Arrrrrrh!!!

I Will Survive ... Cake
Ancient Kids ... Bravestation *
Break The Spell (Young Galaxy Remix) ... Rachel Zeffira * (long track, time for a dance off)
New Creation ... Century Palm *
Blacklisted ... Neko Case *(recorded in Canada)
These Days Mean Nothing to Me ... High Dials *
Leaders of the Undersea World ... Odds *
Freedom For A Policeman ... Chad VanGaalen *
Liver Alone ... The Flatliners * (liver alone - get it?)
It's Thunder and It's Lightening ... We Were Promised Jetpacks
Never Thought This Would Happen ... Arkells *
Grave Architecture ... Pavement (because we can finally see it again)
Umbrellas ... Sleeping At Last
Crystal Mines ... CFCF *

Hope you enjoy it.
Now go walk under a ladder, kiss a black cat and party like it's spring.

Thanks for listening.

*Cancon forever

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