Thursday, 19 February 2015

Ruby Slippers February 20 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

I'm so late posting this. Sorry! Life completely got in the way and that can be enough to totally upset the routine of things. Am pleased to say, however, that there will be a show tomorrow, this is the playlist and we can all sit back, laugh a little, stomp along and generally forget about the week.

Snowglobe ... Lee Corey Oswald
Bang On ... The Breeders
...And If I Refuse ... The Evidence *
Voodoo Rugs ... Diamond Rugs
Everone Knows my Name ... Speedking *
Be My Girl ... Curbside Sofa *
Act One: Cigarettes For Money ... Sharks! On Fire! *
Wise Up ... Waitresses
For Your Eyes ... The Bell Hours
Face to Face ... Pacific Gold
Cyberpunk ... Mondo Art's Music Factory *
Painted On Attitude ... T. Hardy Morris
Isolation ... Joy Division
The Nature Of Things ... Ocean City Defender *
Ungirthed ... Purity Ring *
Outlines ... Sleeping At Last
Wasted ... Maps

Interesting collection, no?

Thank you for listening!


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