Thursday 4 December 2014

Ruby Slippers December 5 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!!

Crap! It's December, we can't fool ourselves into thinking it's fall anymore and man, is it cold in the morning. Don't know about you, but getting up isn't easy anymore (say wha??) and without coffee, Ibuprofen and multiple layers (have never figured out looking hot in cold weather) there is no day.
Then it struck me, if the music was really fast and furious and bop worthy, things might, just might, look better, at least until we all acclimate to the reality that is Canada in the winter. (It never takes long, it's just that first few days....) (Gawd do I sound old )

So what better way to do that than an almost all punk almost all the time playlist (Apologies to Patrick Watson)

Let's Run ... Le Tigre
See No Evil ... Television
Walk Before Imitate ... The Homosexuals
Left of the Dial ... The Replacements
It Falls Apart ... Odds *
Hands of Production ... The Book Of Knots (brilliant album from 2007, Traineater. Check it out)
Cindy Tells Me ... Eno (genius)
Easy Eats or Dirty Doctor Galapagos ... Man Man
Wave Goodbye ... Animal Confession *
Blackwind ... Patrick Watson *
Exercise 5 ... CFCF *
Lanterns ... I, Us & We (new from album Mono)
(I Wanna Go To) New York City ... Bloody Five *
Sheena Is a Punk Rocker .... The Screwed * (members of local punk scene in the 70's)
The Witch ... The Sonics (inspired by Sonic Highway series with Dave Grohl)
Bikini Girls with Machine Guns ... The Cramps

Safety cuts: (may not make this show)
Happy House.... Siouxie and the Banshees
Years ... Gdansk *
Museum ... Future Sound of London

Enough to get the circulation going? You're welcome.

And as always thanks for listening.

*Cancon, red and white, baby

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