Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Indie Week 2014

Hey everybody!

Here's some picks for the start of Indie Music here in Toronto.  Hope you can get out to enjoy some new and exciting music or search for the bands on the web. You will not be disappointed!!

Wednesday October 15th

The Hideout: Winter's End, UBI & FU, Sumo Cyco and others (Launch party)

Crawford's: Running Red Lights et al

Thursday October 16th

Adelaide Hall: The Honeyrunners, New City Kings and friends

The Bovine: Riot Club, Lost Cause plus others

Cherry Cola:  Big Name Actors

Detour: Black Dog Ballroom, Art & Woodhouse, Lost Chord

Free Times Cafe:  the amazing Maneli Jamal, Amy Metcalf, HAYS (Russia)

Lou Dawgs:  Cat and the Queen, Winter's End

Boots & Bourbon: (free show) Dead Projectionists, Sea Perry

Supermarket: New Design, Moonlight Social, Peptides

Peacok Bar: We Won The War, The Turks, Language Arts

Round Venue: The Steady Rebels and friends

**** Silver Dollar :  UBI & FU, Fallen Heirs, Blood Five, Canvas ****

Underground Garage:  Stone Iris, Siiines

Stay tuned for more for this wonderful week of music.

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