Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Ruby Slippers for September 19 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

Outragious! The fall is here, whether we like it or not! Cooler temperatures, more layers and a real need to keep moving.
Thought maybe some music would help in that regard so here is this week's playlist!

Cold...West Coast Version ...Matt Dorgan Project
M & I ... SkyBurnsRed
Well Did You Evah? ... Debbie Harry & Iggy Pop
Breaking news live ... The Bats Pajamas *
I Can Change My Mind ... Simply Saucer * (yes I have played this before, but they are gold)
Cherry Bomb ... The Runaways
River of Blood ... The Black Angels
Sing A Song For You ... Tim Buckley
Joan's Call ... Cam Jones *
Fake It ... Authentic Imperfection * (exclusive new cut)
You've Become Skeletal ... Jay Holy *
Shake It off ... Rebekah Higgs *
The Einstein-Rosen Bridge ... Ilias (new!)
Sinning The Skin ... Jesse Kinch

Feeling warmer now?
And as always, thanks for listening


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