Thursday, 28 August 2014

Ruby Slippers for August 29th How do I choose?

Hey everybody!

Oh brother!
Whenever folks graciously agree to cohost, part of the deal is to pick music for the playlist.


I can't even begin to tell you how much MAKAR sent me, and frankly we could do at least 4 shows based on their incredible list. However, it's only an hour (sigh) AND there will be live performance in there too, so this is a list of what I have on hand to fill in between their chat and song making.

Not all of it will be played.  Notice the width and breadth of the choices!

God Save the Queen ... Sex Pistols
Up the Bracket ... The Libertines
Born to Be Wild ... Steppenwolf *
Fading Into Obscurity ... Sloan *
Little Shadow ... Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Twilight Galaxy ... Metric *
Paper Planes ... M.I.A.
Falling In Love Is For Young People ... Hoa Hoas *
Get Back  ... The Beatles
Flashbulb Eyes ... Arcade Fire *
Baba O'Riley ... The Who
Randy Scouse Git ... The Monkees
Two Weeks ... Grizzly Bear
Ask ... The Smiths
Lust for Life ... Iggy Pop
Love Will Teasr Us Apart ... Joy Division
Cherry Bomb ... The Runaways
Stillness Is the Move ... Dirty Projectors
My My Metrocard ... Le Tiegre
Needles In The Camel's Eye .. Brian Eno
Human ... The Music

And we haven't even added the cuts from MAKAR's album "Funeral Genius"

Good Lord.

Hang on, this one's gonna be crazy

(And as always thanks for listening)


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