Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Ruby Slippers Radio July 11/14

Hey everybody,

It's right and truly summer now. High humidity alternating with lovely rain (ha) and sunshine that would fry an egg. The music however is always cool, and to that end here is the playlist. Somewhat more lighthearted than some lists.
Also of note, there is a band showcase coming up next Friday and some of the artists here will be playing there (Mod Club July 19) I have marked them with an LM and will play more up and coming participants in the shows ahead this week. (Saturday fill-in 5-6 pm, next Friday July 18)

So listen up...

Through Hidden Eyes ... Guided By Senses    LM
Ready To Start (the Taylor Report theme song!) ...Arcade Fire *
Television Man ... Naomi Punk
Intertwined ... Ivory Drive
I Do A Very Fine Line In Communion Wine ... Secondhand Coffin (finally got it in) *
Ring The Bell .. Yacht (another orphan from last week)
Copying ... The Rest *
Run River Run ... Kirty *
Thank God I'm Not In Highschool ... Stephie Coplan and the Pedestrians
Ghosts ... Andrei Eremin x Fractures
Dont Lose Control ... Material
Emergency ... The Soles *
I'm Alright ... Running Violet *  LM
Lunar Express ... Outliars *  LM
Lullaby Love (mashup) ... Justin Timberlake x The Cure

PLUS perhaps a few surprises. You'll have to listen to find out.

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