Thursday, 9 May 2013

Ruby Slippers for May 10 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Arggh! We have sun, we have heat, it's only May for Pete's sakes!
There's still hockey and boy oh boy, the fever has hit this city!
For those of us who still listen to music, though, it will be a fun packed show, with a guest appearance by this week's host of Vinyl Crypt (Sat. 6-8 pm) on CIUT, Joel Cadesky. He is bringing some 60's tunes, therefore the list I am posting will be altered somewhat.

As Iron Sharpens Iron...Sanctification Parade
Rope...Foo Fighters (yes, you heard me right!)
Never Look Down...Shy Around Strangers
Stand By Me...Ben E King (chosen by the guest)
Stop In The Name Of Love...The Supremes  (chosen by the guest)
Can't Steal Your Hear Away...Empires
I Love You...Said The Whale
Lost Chord...Republic of Letters  (check out this EP on Noisetrade. Trust me)
Don't Go Please...Forest City Lovers
Face of The Earth...Joel Plaskett Emergency
Prairie Girl...Rah Rah
Same Old Scene...Roxy Music

Wear your sunscreen! Get outside!
And as always, thanks for listening!

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