Thursday, 25 April 2013

Ruby Slippers for April 26 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

I am really excited to tell you that finally, after all the missteps and waiting, the interview with Michael 8 from the Calgary band, Septembryo, is happening!  Lots of questions, lots of answers and things left to think about.  ALSO, two brand spankin' new cuts from the upcoming album, "iBelieve". You heard them here first!

Anyhow, this is the playlist for tomorrow (a bit later than normal, I will grant you, but I was waiting on the final say from the band) and of course, with live radio, I will not know how much time we have until we have it.  Or don't have it, as the case may be.
Will play as much as possible, but what isn't played tomorrow, will no doubt appear in a week or two.

Here goes

Song for Zula...Phosphorescent
I Want to Believe (X Files Cover)...Septembryo  (available as a free download on their website)
(Interview part one)
iBelieve....Septembryo (new cut)
(Interview part two)
Alarm Clock...Septembryo (new cut)
(Possibly a part three?)
Time is Running Out...Muse (Septembryo's pick)
Paralyzed...The Used (Septembryo's pick)
Night Jogger...Those Darlins
Deadbeat...Lightning Love
The Hiding Place...Sanctification parade

To find out more about the band, just hop on over to their website at
or follow them on Twitter @Septembryo

And hey, after all this fun, you could just head over to the Rivoli to hear another great artist Jon Davis.
Admission and CD at the door, just by emailing me at

Coolest start to the weekend ever!

And as always, thanks for listening!

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