Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Ruby Slippers for Mar 29 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

Post CMW letdown?  Not on your life.
There is plenty of music to go around and keep the positive energy going until the next big festival.
Hope you enjoyed yourselves or were able to track down some of the amazing artists who were in Toronto last week from iTunes, their websites or Soundcloud.

Here's this week's playlist and there are some of those self same bands represented.

Dodge Caravan...Dangerbees
Jellyfish (Part 1)...The Voodoo Bunnies
Fragile Bird... City and Colour  (new album out in April, check the website for a free preview
Acrobatics of a Patchwork Heart...Autumn Owls (from Dublin)
Cynthia....Elise Epp  (cohosting in a few weeks, fingers crossed)
Drunk Love...Rebekah Higgs
Streets Aren't Paved...Jon Davis  (new album)
Worth It...Animalia
Busman's Holiday...Allah-Las  (lo fi 60's sound)
You and I...Lightening Love
Midnight Man...Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Cedric's War...Besnard Lakes
Make You Mine...Cannoneers
This Way Home...Chris Smith
Racecar...Suzanna Choffel

And remember..April is membership drive month.
Early bird prizes are afoot including tickets to see The Wizard Of Oz, so please donate and support the show.

Thanks for listening.

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