Saturday 29 September 2012

Ruby Slippers Playlist for Sept. 29

Hey everybody!

It's a spectacular day in the city and I have to admit, this playlist is the bomb, just the thing to get you all juiced up for Nuit Blanche!  So...while you get your zombie on, or fuel up with dinner and a nice glass of something in preparation for the all night party, enjoy the tunes!
As always, any comments or suggestions are welcome.

Someone Keeps Moving My Chair    They Might Be Giants   (played the hell out of this tape in the car)
We like To Rock    Bidiniband
Overbiter    Say Anything
Suffragette City   The Acorn    (if you haven't yet, download the covers album at Paperbag Records)
Hunting Season   Hands and Teeth
Cold & Alcohol   Army Girls
Do Not Feed The Radio   Fiction 20 Down
Snowflakes   Ivory Drive  (Lord, I hope not yet...)
This Is The Dream of Win and Regine   Cadence Weapon and Final Fantasy
Lindsay  Elliott Brood
Crash Years   The New Pornographers
Arrows   Rah Rah   (brand spankin' new)
We Were Born the Mutants....   Of Montreal  (and oddly, this band is NOT of Montreal)
There Goes Your Corpse Again   Deadly Snakes   (so sad, they are no more)

That's it, that's all.  Thanks for listening and be safe out there tonight!

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