Thursday, 21 April 2016

RubySlippers April 29 7-8 pm

Hey everybody

The official membership drive period is over. It's intense and silly and heartwarming and necessary.

Thanks to everyone who helped us get through it and continue to support the station.
Without your help, keeping the place on the air would not be possible.

So here is this week's playlist. Not gonna say much this week, just let the music speak for itself.

The Neverending Sigh ... Foo Fighters
You're A Hologram ... Hexes and Ohs *
As Heaven is Wide ... Garbage
First World Rag ... Pow Wows *
Totem On The Timeline ... Klaxons
Kind Cops (Yeah Right) ... The Cola Heads *
Girl Quit The Cocaine ... Brat Kings *
Wolf Like Me ... TV On The Radio
Empire Ants (ft. Little dragon) ... Gorillaz
Rhapsody In Pink ... Jon Cohen Experimental *
Claire Fontaine ... Hawksley Workman *
Oh Katrina ... Pear and the Awkward Orchestra
To Some It Comes Easy ... Gentleman Reg *
Robotic ... Hannah Georgas *
Black and White Mountains ... Snowblink*
She Is Beautiful ... Genesis

Thanks for listening.

PS If you missed the drive and would like to support this show and all the wonderful programming on CIUT you still can and be entered into the grand prize draws. Just go to to donate.


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