Friday, 1 April 2016

Ruby Slippers April Fool's Day 7-8 pm with Nikki from Everything and the Kitchen Sink

Hey everybody!

Hope you got through this morning without too much distress and mayhem. Pranks can be funny or...the tipping point of an already chaotic existence. Personally, I took the high road and instead of fooling around invited cohost Nikki (@EatKS) into the studio to update us on what's new in Podcastland and how leaving Canada has changed her musical perspective (or not. Tune in and find out)
Music was pulled from her monthly "No Pants Record Store Day" and covers a lot of different flavours. ()


O'Anvil ... Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs * (Toronto)
Keep On Rockin ... Christian D * (Toronto)
The Truth ... Shit From Hell *
Nissim ... The Gaslamp Killer
African Brothers ... Dubmatix *
Exit Nowhere ... We Deserve This (German)
Anthem For A Shittier Tomorrow ... Caffiends (happy thought)
The Mants! The Mants! ... The Mants *
When I Wake Up ... The Poseurs (Russian)
Salamanca ... The Sonic Mondays
Where's The Love ... (artist to follow)
Ooh Ah Oh Wow ... Tough Age *
We Are See through ... Jane Vain and the Dark Matter *
Balck Denim ... Astral Witch * (Hamilton)
Say What You Want To Say ... E-Mute 

Not all of this will make the list. Revision to follow.

Next week, music to collapse by.

Thanks for listening


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