Thursday, 8 September 2016

Ruby Slippers September 9 2016

Hey everybody!

OK so the first week back to school and work for some as well. How's it going? Exciting? Maybe not so much, right?
Well, if it's any consolation, I still have dreams about the start of school and not knowing where classes are, or not recognizing the questions on an exam or any number of  other fears that go along with post Labour Day. So to combat that, this week's list is different and rather defiant in places, particularily the first track. Just remember, there can't be Halloween without the fall.

Blank Generation...Richard Hell and the Voidoids
Punk or Lust ... Beach Slang
Final Curtain for a drama Queesn ... The Wet Secrets *
Girls Fight! ...Vailhalen *
Hard to Explain ... The Strokes (retro)
This City ... Kelly McMichael and the Glass *
It's True ... Mitch Mainville *
Another Brick In The Wall Part One ... Luther Wright and the Wrongs *
Bad Boy ... Flat Foot (courtesy of Moondog)
Youth ... Viva Nom *
Can't Find My Way No More ... Fawn Fritzen *
Blow Away ... Kate Bush
Boettcher's Sunrise ... Sleepkit *
See The Rain ... Aquafaux
Altitude Blues ... Ladytron
Bride In Cold Tears ... Tangerine Dream
Autumn ... The Strawbs

BTW given the incredibly hot and humid drought-summer we have had, might recommend Liz Worth's (of the oral history of Toronto punk, "Treat Me Like Dirt")  "PostApoc" Disturbing yes, but compelling reading and honestly struck home.

Thanks for listening. Next week, playlist for the TURF festival.


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