Thursday, 29 September 2016

Ruby Slippers September 30 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

So excited, the first leg of the fall is done, the nights are cooler and October is tomorrow with pumpkins, a reason to wear orange other than incarceration, and Halloween.

Here's tonight playlist. If you listened to Catwoman this week, you may have noticed a few artists made both shows. Couldn't decide between tracks and had two hours so there you go!


Golden Stereo ... Shattervox * (new)
Said I Could Be Happy ... Kensington Market * (in real life a magical place in the Tdot)
The Things We Do For Love ... 10cc
V Six ... Fluke (electronica from the UK)
Sins So Vain ... Vallens *
Take This ... Lovebolt *
An Unfortunate Invention ... Benjamin Sheridan
Soldier ... Chloe Charles *
Heart Throb ... Maylee Todd * (more than 22 seconds: see last week! LOL)
Paper Girl ... July Talk * (keep coming back to this one)
You Never Give Me Your Money ... The Beatles
Careless ... Beach Fossils
Let Loose The Horses ... The Rescues
Eyes of a Stranger (cover) ... Dirty Ghosts *
Failing The Rorschach Test ... Matthew Good Band * (didn't get to this for TURF)
Digging In The Dirt ... Peter Gabriel (not likely to get this far but still)

In case you wonder why the Fab Four made both this and Catwoman fill in playlists, I saw "Eight Days A Week" this Monday and it inspired me. This doc was endorsed by  Yoko, Olivia Harrison, Paul and Ringo and was backed by Apple Corp. Not to mention that it was a Ron Howard film.
Great rare footage and a well balanced film from the point of view of the band itself.

Thanks for listening.


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