Thursday, 2 May 2019

Ruby Slippers May 3 2019 Canadian Music Week

Hey hey everybody

The weather may say no, but the music scene says YES!!!
It's now officially spring cuz Canadian Music Week is upon us (May 6)

Next week is our membership drive running at the same time(and you can get in on the awesome draw prizes for Ruby Slippers by pre-donation here: Just let them know it's for Ruby Slippers).
Therefore, here is a sampling of the festival just to get you all revved up.
Of course as always there are WAY too many bands to play in one hour (duh) so this is just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to know more (and I know you do) go to
and be amazed, my friends.

Right then, here we go

See No Evil ... Television (yup the original band!)
No Love Lost ... Black Note Graffiti
Going Out Tonight ... Danko Jones *
Lioness ... Ace of Wands *
Save Yourself ... Harmony on Mars *
Demento ... Pink Acid Wash *
New Anthem ... The Deadset *
333am ... Rat Parade *
Camera Song ... Squids *
Goodbye ... Lambsbreath *
Rester (Analog Chameleon) ... Dizzy Mystics *
Space Motorcycle ... Madame Psychosis *
Diablo ... The 427s * (I have their promo sticker on my ukulele case)
Plastic Heart ... Ghost Twin *
Marketing ... The Black Fever *
Chinese Boxes ... The High Dials *
Satellite ... Jane's Party *
Invaders ... Peptides *
Vanilla Bluse ... Alex Bent + the Emptiness *
Daydream Lover ... Krief *

Please note, what doesn't make it on air this week will be on the membership show.

Thanks for listening. Get out there and support independent artists!


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