Thursday, 14 February 2019

Ruby Slippers ft. Ace of Wands February 15 2019 7-8 pm

Hey hey everybody.

Here are the tracks AofW picked that made the cut!

Lioness ... Ace of Wands *
Grown from Good ...Ace of Wands *
Keeping Time ... Angie McMahon
Til It Kills Ya ...Ron Hawkins *
Lay My Body Down for You ... When Particles Collide
Normalize ... Joan Smith and the Jane Does*
I Am An Animal ... Kate Boothman *
Winter Wind ... Ace of Wands *
Peaches ... Lung
Jolt the Amplifier ... Ace of Wands*
10,000 Feet ...Ace of Wands *

It's gonna be a real ride!
Thx for listening


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