Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Ruby Slippers June 24 2016 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Having a rest from a couple of music weekends? I certainly am, kinda dogging it this week.
Lots 'o good music but from my own library rather than from new sources or a themed playlist.
I always keep a special tab in iTunes for things I haven't played in a while but always intend to.

Sometimes a girl has to just kick back and gather her thoughts with a cuppa.

So... here it is. ( I might mention though that the track by The Box Tiger is new new new.)

Friday On My Mind ...Earth Quake
Mechanical Lover ... Earth and Fire
Angels ... Black Mountain *
I Made The Law ... The Acorn *
After The Rain ... Little Dragon
Fire Walk With Me (doesn't this remind you of Twin Peaks?) ... Box Tiger *
Fragile Bird ... City and Colour *
So Wonderful Beautiful ... parker Bombshell * (check out their podcast Addictions and Other Vices) 
I Can't Go For That ... Hall and Oates (or Hallando Ates, as it appeared on my credit card )  
                                    (yes I am going to see them this week)
Reunion ... Papermaps * 
Pipeline ... California Guitar Trio
Heartbeats ... The Knife (best. track. ever)
Cost of Living ... Satellite Hearts (from Philly)
Tell Mama ... Etta James

Next week, in honour of Canada Day, a show picked entirely from the dining room table. And 100%
True North goodness! 

Thanks for listening


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