Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Canadian Music Week Day Two

OK now it's getting serious.

Loads more bands and venues to decide between. Thankfully this is a random list (although I have been known to play favorites) so here goes.

Bovine Sex Club starts at 9 pm Blue Cougars, Nak Wild and others

The Central starting at 6 pm (for the early birds) Slow Night, Menage (played on the show) High Streets and others

The Dakota starting at 7  Twin Peaks, Royal Foundry and friends

Horseshoe Tavern (win to get in? say what?) BOB MOULD, for crying out loud

Nocturne starting at 8 Animalia, CrazyRozy etc.

Silver Dollar starting at 8 Little Coyote, Lost Cousins * at midnight

Loads more, please peruse the schedule online.
Later, gator!

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