Friday, 11 March 2016

Ruby Slippers for March 11 7-8 pm

Hey everybody

Here it is. A whole lot of fun for the start of the March break.

Loads of Canadian too (SOCAN week)


All Is Not Lost ... OK Go
Modern Man ... Arcade Fire *
Telegram Sam ... Bauhaus
Fried My Little Brains ... The Kills (fav Kills song)
Combat Baby ... Metric * (still their best album)
Anime Eyes ... The Awkward Stage *
How I Came (demo ) ... Watermelon *
Revolution Blues ... Neil Young *
Beautiful Slide ... Mark Kleiner Power Trio *
Pure Evil ... P:ano *
Gold Star Swimmer ... Hot Panda *
Buddy Holly Convention ... The Smugglers * (featuring Grant Lawrence from CBC)
Half Empty Halls ... The Evaporators *
Woodstock ... W.O.W. *
What Ever Happened To ... The Buzzcocks
Vomit Pig ... Ale Mania

PLUS an Easter Egg.

Let's go, Canada!

And, by the way, April 8 is the membership show.  Donate now, donate often.
Tell em Ruby Slippers sentcha

Thanks for listening.

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