Thursday, 24 September 2015

Ruby Slippers September 25 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

Good Lord, September is almost done. Next Friday we are starting the wind up to Thanksgiving (CA) and then, by gum, Halloween. Not excited, no not me. Not at all.

There is also the whole Membership thing too starting the 23 of October, right here on Ruby Slippers.
I hope you will be part of the action and keep community radio going.

Sorry, got distracted. Here's the playlist for this week.

Light Me Up ... Bronze Radio return (new)
Wicked and Weird ... Buck 65 * (didn't make the list last week...)
Rebel Force Radio ... The Soles * (new band version)
Highway ... Hey Mother Death *
Attis ... Authentic Imperfection *
Prince of Flies ... Buddy Black and the Ghost Umbrellas *
Where Is The Light ... Spirit Photgraphy
Brooklyn Angel ... PANTyRAiD
She Speaks Of Wave ... The Nursery *
I Am Dust ... Gary Numan (awesome!!!!!)
CA ... Tobias the Owl *
Amadeus ... JoJo Worthington *
Anthem ... Alana Yorke *
Influence ... The Acorn *

Loads of Canadian, new samplers out from all sorts of excellent labels. The motherlode!

Thanks for listening


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